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The City is Full of Potholes and Nobody Knows Where They Are

The City is Full of Potholes and Nobody Knows Where They Are

Imagine a world where you can find every single pothole in your city, even the ones that haven’t been reported yet. You could fix them before anyone else gets hurt. VidiAi uses artificial intelligence to sniff out every pothole in your city so you know exactly what needs fixing.

See potholes before they happen! VidiAi is an AI that finds potholes in your city. No need for costly and time-consuming inspections, our algorithm does it all for you while simultaneously issuing alerts when we spot a dangerous development so you can fix the pothole before anyone gets hurt. Sign up today at and see what we’ve been seeing!

Would you like to know where every single pothole in your city is? VidiAi lets you do just that with artificial intelligence algorithms — no more getting stuck or worrying about people being injured from sudden holes on the road. VidiAi works with local governments, specifically with the Department of Transportation, to ensure reporting gets followed up with an appropriate response from authorities responsible for road maintenance

Our pothole detection algorithm constantly scans and analyzes road conditions to identify new or deteriorating potholes, while simultaneously issuing alerts when a dangerous development is detected. With VidiAi’s assistance, city roads will be safer for drivers and pedestrians alike!

No one knows where the potholes are anymore — except us. Sign up at now to see what we’ve been seeing!

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Automate Pothole Reporting With Rover

Help keep track of issues on your local government roads with the use of Rover, an artificial intelligence application that runs on a smartphone that is mounted on a car’s windshield. Our easy-to-use application combines unmatched image recognition for detecting potholes and road damage with an intuitive operations dashboard.

Fill out the form and we’ll show you how Rover can transform your local government maintenance activities, while helping to ensure that your roads stay safe and in a good state of repair.

We’ve helped detect over 100857+ potholes

Detect potholes in real time in your city.

Automate your system process with live data.

Plan with confidence using Rover.


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